Miniature Glass Animals

We are doing inventory and adding
animals as soon as we have them counted and photographed!
Check back for more critters soon! - 10/20/17

David & Wendy's Dollhouse is proud to offer the best selection of dollhouse sized, glass animals ANYWHERE. 

These tiny glass animals are perfect for your showcases, mantels, bookshelves and anywhere that could use a little sparkle.

Wendy started collecting glass animals about 10 years ago. Over that time, she quickly realized that when you ordered them online, it could be very difficult to determine scale and what you would actually receive in the mail. And this is why the animal you see in the listing is the animal you will get! We photograph each animal so you have no disappointing glass animal surprises in the mail: you know exactly what the animal you're ordering will look like and its exact measurements!

Our animals come from many different sources. They are each handmade, and some we are unable to get again.

Now, when Wendy finds a glass animal for her collection, she gets TWO, just in case you might like one too. :) We hope you find them as adorable and fun as we do!

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